can fast fashion be sustainable?

what is fast fashion?

Fast Fashion is the term used to portray clothing plans that move rapidly from the catwalk to stores to exploit trends. The assortments are frequently founded on styles introduced at Fashion Week runway shows or worn by big names.

Fast Fashion has a colossal environmental footprint for the two its creation and disposal. Clothing creation requires a lot of energy and resources, while it relies upon harmful toxic colors and different synthetics that pollute freshwater. The industry delivers a 10th of the world’s fossil fuel emissions.

When Zara arrived in New York toward the start of the 1990s, individuals originally heard the term „fast fashion”. It was authored by the New York Times to depict Zara’s central goal to require just 15 days for an article of clothing to go from the planning stage to being sold in stores.

Can fast fashion be sustainable?

Fast fashion in itself is a term used to describe polluting and environmentally unfriendly fashion, it doesn’t make much sense to say that it can be sustainable.

However, the question is actually valid, it should just be rephrased to „Can Sustainable Fashion Be Fast?”

There’s no short answer to that, so we will try to explain it as best as possible. Today, it is not possible to have a „fast sustainable fashion”, because no fast-fashion brand is genuinely eco-accommodating. However, as productivity increases and the fashion industry starts to get more innovative, we could start seeing sustainable fashion that is just as cheap, just as fast, and much better quality than its environmentally unfriendly opponent.

For now, we still have to fight against unethical business practices in the fashion industry that are destroying our planet. But if you ask us, buying sustainable fashion is far more worth it anyway, even if we don’t take into account the most important aspect of it, ethicality and eco-friendliness.

Can fast fahsion be sustainable

can fast fashion be recycled?

By and large, 700,000 tons of utilized attire get sent out abroad and 2.5 million tons of clothing are recycled. But more than 3,000,000 tons are burned, and a staggering 10 million tons get sent to landfills.

Fast-fashion is modest, worn momentarily, then, at that point, disposed of, leaving behind heaps of utilized clothing. Fast-fashion retailers guarantee their clients they will treat the pre-owned apparel reasonably, promoting their reusing framework. But the monster hills of low-quality worn clothes are a lot for second-hand merchants to deal with.

Buying fast-fashion is bad, but throwing your clothes in the trash is worse, during the deterioration cycle, clothes create greenhouse methane gas and filter poisonous chemical substances and dyes into the groundwater and soil.

The best thing anyone can do with unused clothes is to reuse, recycle or donate them. You can find more about how to do this with Planet Aid.

Does fast fashion provide jobs?

Like any other economic activity, it does provide jobs, to be precise, It utilizes 300 million workers all over the planet, large numbers of them in third world countries. More often than not, fast-fashion production happens in abroad nations, where work is incredibly cheap.

But the whole „It provides jobs” thing is a very stupid argument, we are going to tell you why. The economy does not revolve around jobs, these do not make the quality of living better, it is just a process to obtain goods and services (as clothes) which is the whole endpoint of the economy, and our lives revolve around it (from hunting and gathering food in prehistoric eras to making money as a YouTuber in our modern era).

Jobs are constantly changing, as they should. If we kept on to jobs so much we would still be producing VHS tapes because „They provide jobs”, or we would still be making swords like in the 1400s because „It provides jobs”, you see where we are going right?

Yes, fast fashion does provide jobs but so does slow fashion, and the interesting thing is that slow fashion advocates for well-paid ethical jobs that do not involve child labor, with environmentally friendly practices, so there is really nothing to lose here.

Does fast fashion provide jobs


We hope we cleared it out for you, although fast-fashion may seem to have benefits, it does not have any that sustainable fashion has or will have, it is just a matter of time before people start figuring that out.

The sad part is there will be a long way to fight if most people don’t even know what fast or slow fashion is. That’s why we want to congratulate you because being interested and informing yourself on this topic is the first and most important step to make for sustainability in the fashion industry.

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