is fast fashion a social issue?

what is fast fashion?

Fast Fashion can be characterized as cheap, in-vogue clothing that examples ideas from the catwalk or VIP culture and transforms them into articles of clothing in stores dangerously fast to satisfy buyer needs.

The thought is to get the freshest styles available as quickly as possible conceivable, so customers can eat them up while they are currently at the peak of their fame and afterward, tragically, dispose of them after a couple of wears. It frames a vital piece of the harmful pollution, toxic waste, overproduction, and utilization that has made fast fashion one of the world’s biggest polluters

how fast fashion is destroying the planet

As per the Institute of Sustainable Communication, the fast fashion business is the world’s second-biggest water polluter. The business additionally transmits 10% of the worldwide fossil fuel byproducts, which is more than all global flights and sea delivery, and produces 21 billion tons of waste every year.

Alongside enormous water utilization, material waste, and harmful dyes filtering into soils and streams, fast fashion additionally delivers microplastics when washed, because of their poor quality materials, which prompts around 500,000 tons of microfibres in the sea consistently – what might be compared to 50 billion plastic jugs.

is fast fashion destroying the planet

is fast fashion a social issue?

Fast fashion is a socially problematic business strategy profoundly. Fast fashion compromises our society on such countless various levels, yet it is the large numbers of individuals all over the planet who truly, socially, and monetarily experience the ill effects of producing fast fashion clothing.

First and foremost, fast fashion is made with underpaid labor, in many cases even child labor in underdeveloped countries. All this is to keep costs low and be able to sell a t-shirt or pair of jeans at a very low price.

Also, fast fashion is polluting and disposing of its waste in underdeveloped countries as well, but not only that fast fashion delivers clothes of very low quality that do not only pollute but make you spend more and more money on it, turning something that is seemingly cheap into a product that needs to be replaced constantly, draining your wallet.

how fast fashion exploits workers

Workers generally work with no ventilation, breathing poisonous substances, fiber dust, or blasting sand in perilous structures. Accidents, flames, injuries, and infections are regular events in fast fashion production facilities. In addition, clothing laborers consistently face verbal and actual maltreatment.

Particularly those in nations where clothing creation is high. Water supplies are corrupted with clothing dyes, plants don’t follow security protocols, and the employees are barely paid for their work.

This doesn’t mean all clothing from these countries is made with underpaid labor, some sustainable fashion companies may choose to outsource some of their t shirts from factories they trust and know that they do not use workers in poor conditions.

Is fast fashion a social issue

will fast fashion ever end?

Yes! Fast fashion will undoubtedly end when people start realizing all of its terrible outcomes to the planet, society, and their own well-being. When will that happen? We don’t know exactly, as the majority of people don’t even know what fast fashion means, or how bad this industry is.

However, more and more people are beginning to understand this and are choosing the slow fashion alternative, which plants to stop fast fashion with good quality, sustainable, ethical clothing that does not compromise the planet or the people.

What is slow fashion? you may ask, slow fashion it is a movement that plans to stop the horrible business practice we talked about and achieve sustainability in the fashion industry, with ethical clothes that do not pollute. If you want to know more about this interesting subject, please don’t hesitate to take a look at this article here.


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