What is Slow Fashion?

What Is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion refers to the exact opposite of fast fashion, and it is considered a movement that wants to stop the terrible environmental, economic, social, and moral outcomes of fast fashion.

Slow fashion wants to achieve sustainability in the fashion industry, which is the second-largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry with environmental damage that is increasing as the industry grows.

The slow fashion movement wants clothes made from biodegradable materials, made with non-polluting production methods, and hiring people with a decent wage, without exploiting the workers from 3rd world countries (The end goal is not to refuse those people the job, but to pay them decently).

Is Slow Fashion More Expensive?

Slow fashion involves producing clothes with non-polluting processes and ethical work, which is naturally more expensive as the costs fast fashion outsources to the environment and 3rd world countries are eliminated by slow fashion.

For now, slow fashion still remains a little more expensive directly on the customer, but the clothes slow fashion offers are more durable, are more personalizable, and, most importantly, ethical and sustainable.

As more people become aware of the dangers of fast fashion and decide to shop responsibly, slow fashion is going to become more profitable, which is going to make room for innovations and new inventions that will make this ecological alternative much cheaper.

More Information On Fast Fashion

You can watch this video here which will explain in more detail what fast fashion is and why it’s bad, as well as how to avoid and fight it.

What Are The Best Sustainable Slow Fashion Brands?

Grammar NYC: This beautiful store sells one of the best clothes out there, not only do they use the best quality materials, but they also make their designs with FASHION in mind. The only bad thing about this brand is its price, which is arguably very high, but at least the quality and sustainability match the price greatly. You can visit their store here.

Two Days Off: This store uses locally produced, ecological clothes made with recycled materials. They use linen, cotton, wool, and hemp for their products. Like the last one, price is not their strength, but they do offer original and stylish clothing. You can visit their store here.
ABLE: This Ethical Slow Fashion Brand has clothing and accessories made fairly by makers around the world. They are taking a big step in the way for transparency in the fashion industry by publishing their wages. Their clothes are more affordable than the other brands but still not as cheap as one would like to. You can visit their store here.
Valani: This colorful Plant-based clothing brand creates mostly feminine clothing for a lighter living. Valani’s dreamy garments are made from low-impact fibers like hemp, Tencel, and banana viscose, a bit like Two Days Off. Additionally, the brand uses strategic cutting techniques and reuses fabric scraps to minimize waste. They have really colorful clothes that you should check out here.
PLEA: This is our own brand! We too offer sustainable slow fashion clothing that you can buy. We mostly focus on t shirts, hoodies, and accessories, but they’re at an affordable price, and not only that, but we offer customizable clothes, That’s right! You can create a custom t shirt, hoodie, or accessories so we can then make them and sent them to you because we use a revolutionary method that does not involve creating tons of clothes before selling them, we just produce them on command! You can check out our shop here.


The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry and is responsible for a lot of the contamination in the world, but that doesn’t need to be the case anymore. All of this can change and will with your help, everyone can do something to help, and being informed about the issue is one big step. What really surprises us is the fact that fast fashion, as bad as it is, is almost unheard of, and we want to change that, one blog post at a time.

Anyways, this article ends here, check out our other blog posts about this issue on our blog page or check out our shop, or better, our about page to know who we are, what our mission is, and how we are going to fight fast fashion.

Stay safe and shop responsibly 🙂
What Is Slow Fashion