can fashion ever be sustainable?

why fashion needs to be more sustainable

With the rise of fast fashion, the clothing industry has become one of the biggest polluters on our planet, producing 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, evaporating water sources, and contaminating waterways and streams. Furthermore, 85% of all clothing goes to landfills every year. Also washing a few kinds of fast fashion garments sends a great amount of plastic into the sea.

Fast fashion has skyrocketed these numbers by a lot and doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. Not only does fast fashion pollute our planet in many ways, but it also creates very negative consequences to the people in vulnerable positions and to the world’s economy.

Considering all of these factors, it is clear the necessity to make fashion more sustainable than it is, reducing its carbon footprint and stopping fast fashion and its terrible consequences to the planet, the people, and the economy.

what is fast fashion, meaning

Fast fashion refers to the business practice that focuses on making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers totally disrespecting the environment, the people and the economy in the process.

Its clothes are so cheap because it outsources all of the costs to the planet and people. While also producing very low-quality garments made with polluting and unethical production processes, making the clothes only last from a few weeks to a few months before they become too old, perfect to keep introducing new trends constantly.

Fast Fashion has a colossal carbon footprint for both its production and disposal. Fast fashion clothing creation requires a lot of energy and resources, while it relies upon harmful dyes and different toxic synthetic substances that contaminate new water.

This bad business practice is also commonly known to use underpaid and child labor working in inhumane conditions to produce very cheap clothing, sometimes reaching slavery-like conditions. If you want to know more about fast fashion read is fast fashion a social issue?

can fashion be sustainable - What is fast fashion

what is sustainable fashion, definition

Sustainable fashion is a movement that wants to stop fast fashion and its carbon footprint, producing high-quality garments with respect to the environment, the people, and the economy.

Sustainable clothing is made with ethical work, paying its employers a decent wage and having them work in human conditions respecting their dignity. The clothes are made with non-polluting materials and processes and are made to last, to avoid unnecessary overproduction and also achieve customer satisfaction at the same time.

This movement is increasingly growing, which is a great thing, but there is still a long way before it can surpass fast fashion. If you want to know more about sustainable fashion read how to do slow fashion.

can fashion ever be sustainable?

We already know the horrible outcomes of fast fashion and the movement that swears to stop it, but, Can fast fashion ever be sustainable? As in most cases, there is a simple and a complicated answer to that question.

The short answer is YES! more than ever, people are becoming conscious about the footprint they leave on the planet and the consequences of their actions, with that, a lot of them are turning their back to fast fashion and switching to a sustainable, ethical and higher-quality sustainable fashion instead.

The complicated answer is, we don’t know when it is going to happen yet. Even though it is happening right now and many people are becoming aware, most people don’t even know what fast fashion means and why it is bad, or even worse, they haven’t even heard that term in their lives.

But the war is not lost yet, we are doing our part in spreading awareness about this topic as it is the most crucial thing to achieve in order to stop fast fashion because no one is going to fight against fast fashion if they don’t know what it means in the first place.

As per the affordability of a sustainable fashion industry model, when the demand increases and more businesses start investing in this ethical business model, there will be new innovative, more cost-effective, and cleaner ways to produce sustainable fashion. This is the same for any other industry, but people need to start turning their back on fast fashion turn to sustainable fashion for this process to happen.

Can fashion ever be sustainable


We hope you have learned a lot more about sustainable fashion and fast fashion today and you start applying this knowledge for the best of our world. We want to congratulate you for making the most important step of all towards achieving a sustainable fashion industry! Which is becoming informed and interested about this topic.

The next crucial step is spreading awareness, either by telling your friends or by posting informative content on social media. This is very important as like it was said earlier, people are not going to fight against fast fashion if they don’t know what it is in the first place.

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