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The image presents a highly stylized artistic rendering of a T-shirt that appears to fuse the worlds of graphic design, fashion, and natural topography. The shirt itself lays flat and extends across most of the image, with its fabric manipulated to resemble the undulating layers of a topographical map. A gradient of colors flows down the shirt, starting with an arid tan at the collar and transforming through rich browns, greens, and blues, finally culminating in a deep marine hue at the hem. Each ripple of fabric is shaded to give the illusion of a three-dimensional landscape of rolling hills, valleys, and canyons.\n\nAround the shirt, the graphics evoke the interface of a design software program, with tools and palettes arranged neatly to suggest that the shirt\'s appearance can be customized to the user\'s desire. On the left of the shirt, various textures and elements of flora—moss, leaves, and grass—are showcased, each adding to the overall theme of nature and sustainability. On the right, a digital color palette offers a spectrum of options, alongside icons relating to fabric care, ecological certifications, and customizable attributes, reinforcing the garment\'s environmentally friendly credentials.\n\nWords on the image label various elements such as "Customizable," "100% Cotton," and "Eco Friendly," suggesting a commitment to personalization and ecological responsibility. As a whole, the image communicates a forward-thinking vision where fashion intersects with technological innovation and ecological consciousness. It invites the viewer to imagine clothing as not just a form of self-expression, but also as a canvas for their values and for the beauty of the natural world.

Did you know Fast Fashion...?

Of global wastewater is from its fabric dyeing.
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Billion is lost annually due to clothing underuse.
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Of water is used to make one fast-fashion cotton shirt.
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Of all its textiles go to landfills or incinerators.
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Discover Sustainable Style

Hey there eco-warriors! Welcome to PLEA, your top stop for stylish threads that don’t cost the earth. Our goal? To make sustainable clothing fabulously fun and crazy-easy to rock.

We’re talking super-soft organic cotton tees and excellent designs that’ll give your outfit that extra oomph. And guess what? We currently offer the coolest selection of eco-friendly t-shirts around.

Our unisex ranges are made fair and square under the sun, from start to finish. We’re talking legit feel-good garms you can showcase with pride. Because looking fly AND caring for the planet is a must in our difficult times.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and make sustainable sexy again! We’re making it easier than ever to stay fashionable with mother nature in mind. Let’s do this!

Who We Are

PLEA was started by Orlando, our intrepid founder on a mission to save the world one tee at a time. We began as a humble band of eco-enthusiasts, designing clothes with organic cotton and sustainable practices. We’re now a bit larger but remain committed to our green roots. We meticulously track our tiny carbon footprint and plant trees when feeling especially virtuous.

Our goal is to provide style-savvy slow fashion activists, like yourself, with eco-options beyond the polluting fast fashion norm. Because you choosing sustainable fashion is a step closer to sustainability. By choosing our shirts over the ones from SHEIN, you single-handedly enable our ethical production and reduce waste. One green t-shirt for you = one less environmentally harmful garment.

So be the hero this planet needs. Learn more about how PLEA and the Earth are counting on you to steer fashion toward a sustainable future in our About Us page. No pressure though 😉

Who are are PLEA

GOTS sustainability certificate

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Meet Our Team

We are a small but mighty team striving to drive sustainability in the global fashion industry. Though our company is still small in size, our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly apparel is immense. We still fight every day for sustainability in the fashion industry and to make you happy through our t shirt designs and amazing products 🙂

Alessandra Oichia

Awesome Web Designer

Eu la nuntă

Giovanny Orlando Giuliano Dîlja (Orlando)

Founder of PLEA and CEO

Deușan Mihai from PLEA.RO looking at horizon sitting on his Mazda car.

Mihai Alin Deușan

Skilled Web Developer

Miriam Alina Ceuță

Intelligent Marketing Manager

Rocky Murcia looking at the sun with sunglasses in Romania, Hasdeu in the city of Cluj Napoca.

José Antonio Elías Subiela

Imagery Department Director and Cybersecurity Expert

Pablo Escribano holding a medal from a marathon competition in the city of Cluj Napoca, Romania. He is smiling while proudly hoding his medal.

Pablo Escribano Ruiz

Web Development Master

Pablo Algaba posing with his head upwards in a formal way looking at the camera for a professional photograph.

Pablo Algaba Sales

Translator and professional copywriter


Filip Axinte

Product Tester And Improvement Professional

Oskar dressed in a formal attire in what seems to be a family event, outside, in a bodyguard pose while smiling.

Óskar Fabián Verdejo

Computer science graduate and web server professional

our mission

Many popular brands nowadays use underpaid labor and promote terrible quality products that will end up in landfills months later. And still, their expensive clothes don’t let you express your unique style that makes you special.

Our mission is making self-expression easy through excellent and relatable t-shirt quotes and designs. With eye-catching shirts and hoodies at fair prices, we help you share what makes you, you.

We choose quality materials so our clothes reflect your values of sustainability and quality, we used ring spun cotton in some of our t-shirts but we transitioned to 100% organic cotton, which is sustainable and durable. And we price responsibly because self-expression and sustainability shouldn’t be just for the wealthy.

But this goes beyond clothes. Fast fashion hurts both the people and the planet. We provide an alternative that’s better for both by producing ethically and sustainably.

Every purchase supports our eco-conscious mission. But we can’t succeed without you. Together, mindful customers and brands can make a real difference. Your choices matter – let your wardrobe reflect what you care about.

Sustainable Fashion Blog

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Dive deep into the mesmerizing realm of sustainable and ethical fashion with our regularly updated “Slow Fashion Blog”. Here, we share enlightening articles and style tips, all centered on the principle of sustainability. If you’re interested in a fashionable future that honors our planet, you will find a wealth of inspiration and knowledge here.

Remember to check out our latest post collection below and don’t hesitate to join our growing community of like-minded fashion enthusiasts. Click on ‘Go to Blog’ to begin your exciting journey towards a stylish and responsible lifestyle choice.

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