a closer look at our return policy

can i return the product i bought?

Yes! We are very sorry if you had a bad experience with our products and you wish to return them, but if the return is justified, we will give you a full refund for the product you bought, you will have to return it though.

The return request has to be justified, we will explain what that means next, but if you don’t have any malicious intentions when returning the product, you don’t have to worry at all, unfortunately, there are people that want to take advantage of everything and just like to create chaos.

Although we don’t think you will ever need a refund, we have never been asked for a refund until now, but things like factory defects or delivery accidents can happen.

our return policy

If you wish to return a product, the reason has to be justified, this is to prevent people with malicious intentions from doing serious harm to our store and project.

What does it mean to be justified? That something that doesn’t depend on you modified the product in any way that it is now undesirable. For example, a fabric error made the item too small or flawed, or the delivery truck caught on fire and your product cannot arrive anymore (Although that could be the least of the problems).

But a ton of unexpected events can happen, if you want to return the product for any reason, you must contact us requesting a refund, we will work out the best solution that can satisfy and make you happy.

Also, the item must be returned within 14 days of buying it. It is more than enough for you to open the package, wear the t-shirt and even wash it a few times. We will only accept returns within 14 days of the arrival of the product.

Our Return Policy

how to proceed when returning an item

You have to contact us when requesting a return, you will have to provide us with your name, email you used for billing, return justification, and proof if needed.

Once you have contacted us, we will give you an RMA number, you will use this when you ship the product back to us. We will provide you with the directions to follow in the email anyway.

Once we receive the package, we will refund you fully for the product you returned. If you want to know more about the process, visit our Return Policy.


The return process will be discussed by email, as every situation is different. Although we haven’t had any return requests to this date, so we are pretty confident you won’t need one.

We are also very careful with our products so you don’t need to return anything, as it is time-consuming for you and very costly for us, as the items returned cannot be sold back, meaning that some clothing would be produced without being worn anytime.

We hope you have learned a lot today, We’re thrilled to teach people around the world :). By the way, do you know about fast fashion and its terrible consequences for the environment, the people, and the economy? Do you know what Slow Fashion or the Sustainable Fashion movement is? You have to read these articles about this unknown but urgent subject, click here to read „Can Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?”, knowledge is power, ignorance is doom.

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Returning An Item