how can i request a custom design for my t-shirt / garment?

what are the ways to request a custom design t-shirt / garment?

There are three main ways that you can order a custom t-shirt, and we will review them in a second. They are not hard to do so don’t worry if technology is not really your strong point. Having said this, here are three of the ways you can request a custom t-shirt or garment:

  1. The simplest way is to go to our Custom section in our store, there you will find many templates with different texts and fonts, even with some graphics that you can change for your own. This one is pretty straightforward and doesn’t need much explanation, so let’s go to the next one.
  2. Another way is to choose any of our articles from our store, you will find a „Personalize” button in each one of them, where you can customize them by submitting your custom design or whatever you want to be printed on said t-shirt or garment.
  3. The third way is the most complicated but best way to request a t-shirt with your custom design on it, basically, you personally request us to make a design for you and then print it on the garment you want, more on this later.

One important thing to remember is that you will not be able to submit requests that contain copyrighted terms or images, as that is illegal, it doesn’t matter how against trademarks and copyright we are, we will go straight to jail if we sell them to you 🤣🤣🤣. Having said this, we are going to tell you next exactly how you can request a custom design made just for you, let’s go!

how to make a personal request for a custom t-shirt / garment

We have mentioned before that this option is the most complicated one, well, it is out of the three options, but it’s really simple to execute, and we will tell you how now. Here is how to request a custom design for your t-shirt or garment made for you:

If you have visited our store and had a look at the bottom of the page, you may have noticed a Contact Us link where we invite you to request your own design to be made, well, that’s exactly how you do it.

  • You first have to contact us, either our email (, or from our Contact Us page.
  • In the email you sent us, just say that you request a custom design for your t-shirt, you have to submit some information such as what you want exactly for your t-shirt, a photo, a simple idea, a name… you decide.
  • Wait, we will be creating your design very soon and will mail what it would look like back to you.
  • Confirm back to us, if you like the design, we will print it on a t-shirt or the garment you choose, we will tell you the steps to follow so that it can arrive at your place (because we would have to manually create an order).
  • If you would like to and it fits our store, you can accept it being displayed on our store so other people can get that same t-shirt as well (You could also get a prize if your design idea is sold).

Overall, the steps to follow are pretty straightforward, so if you wish a custom design to be made for you, don’t be afraid to ask us to make it, you may even get the exact design that you always wanted!

How To Request A Custom Design For T-Shirts

why do we offer to make personal designs?

You may ask yourself why do we offer to make custom designs for you when you could just tell you to find your way with what we already have in our store, such as our custom t-shirts and the „personalize” option in each product.

Well, the reason is that it doesn’t cost us much effort, while it can make a huge difference for you, having a great personalized design that you know represents you, and that is made by skilled designers using professional software.

That is why it: makes you happy, it doesn’t cost us very much, so why not. No other slow fashion store offers this option so you should take advantage of it if you want to 🙂

does it cost anything to request a custom design?

NO! not at all, custom designs are free to request and do not add any additional costs to the t-shirt or garment you are trying to buy, that holds true for every type of custom t-shirt that we have in our store.

This is a very good offer if you ask anyone, as these types of services if existed in other stores, would cost the customer quite a lot, even if you don’t end up buying anything or not liking the design.

We are not quite sure how long this offer is going to last, probably until we’re fully saturated and cannot make so many designs to satisfy your demands. So take advantage of this before we change anything (although we don’t want to do it unless it is necessary).

Does It Cost Anything To Request A Custom Design


We hope you now know how to request a custom design for your t-shirt or garment, now that you know this, how about you try this from our Store? We also invite you to read our articles about Slow Fashion below, because this is an issue you’re probably not even aware of.

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