what are some fast fashion brands?

what is fast fashion?

Fast Fashion can be explained as cheap, in-vogue clothing that takes ideas from the catwalk or high-fashion culture and transforms them into articles of clothing in stores dangerously fast to satisfy buyer needs, with no regard to sustainability.

The idea is to get the freshest styles available as quickly as possible conceivable, so customers can eat them up while they are currently at the peak of their fame and afterward, tragically, dispose of them after a couple of wears. It frames a vital piece of the harmful pollution, toxic waste, overproduction, and utilization that has made fast fashion one of the world’s biggest polluters, producing 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

If you want to know more about fast fashion and its consequences on our society, check the article is fast fashion a social issue?

What are some of the fast fashion brands?

We all know how bad Fast Fashion really is and why it needs to be stopped, but if you still don’t know we advise you to read why fast fashion is bad.

Having said this, how many of the most popular brands actually sell fast fashion? Well, sadly most big fashion stores today sell fast fashion, some of them are even pioneers in this unethical practice.

Here are some of the most popular Fast Fashion stores:

  • The Inditex Group, we put the whole Inditex fashion group here, which owns brands like Zara or Pull&Bear because they all revolve around Fast Fashion, not only that, Zara is even the pioneer in this unethical business practice and that’s the reason why many people are avoiding buying from them.
  • Primark, this Irish company is well-known for its extremely cheap (and poor quality) clothes. This is one of the living Fast Fashion examples to avoid. Some time ago they were involved in a scandal where they supposedly used child labor in third world countries, although we can’t and will not confirm that (we prefer not to get a lawsuit).
  • Shein, this brand takes Fast Fashion to a whole other level, we may even e able to say that they have invented the Ultra-Fast Fashion, selling extremely cheap clothes of dreadful quality by the ton. This is a very interesting topic on its own, so we invite you to read about Shein’s Ultra-Fast Fashion model.
  • Mango, this brand is popular in many countries, and its clothes are worn by many people worldwide. However, its Fast Fashion practices have led them to be part of the Rana Plaza factory collapse which took the lives of many factory workers, which shows the bad working conditions they are in.
  • Urban Outfitters, this fast fashion brand is also known for considering textile workers’ rights as optional and producing cheap fast fashion clothes. Also, worse than that is that they have also been flagged for stealing designs from independent small creators for their own benefit, which is completely unethical.

Sadly, there are many many more examples of Fast Fashion brands, but we have named you some of them and the most important ones. Although many of them say to start transitioning to a more sustainable fashion business model, most of the time these are just empty words, and unfortunately, they do nothing to become sustainable.

What are some of the fast fashion brands?

examples of slow fashion brands

We have seen some of the most popular Fast Fashion brands, but now, what are some of the Slow or Sustainable fashion brands?

Not all hope is lost, and sustainable fashion is becoming more relevant as people become aware of how their shopping habits can harm the environment, people, and the economy. Today, we don’t necessarily have a lot of Slow Fashion brands but we do have some you can buy from, and the good thing is, you can purchase their clothes online!

Having said this, here are the best Sustainable Fashion Brands you can buy from:

  • Grammar NYC: This beautiful store sells one of the best clothes out there, not only do they use the best quality materials, but they also make their designs with FASHION in mind. The only bad thing about this brand is its price, which is arguably very high, but at least the quality and sustainability match the price greatly. You can visit their store here.
  • Two Days Off: This store uses locally produced, ecological clothes made with recycled materials. They use linen, cotton, wool, and hemp for their products. Like the last one, price is not their strength, but they do offer original and stylish clothing. You can visit their store here.
  • ABLE: This Ethical Slow Fashion Brand has clothing and accessories made fairly by makers around the world. They are taking a big step in the way for transparency in the fashion industry by publishing their wages. Their clothes are more affordable than the other brands but still not as cheap as one would like to. You can visit their store here.
  • Valani: This colorful Plant-based clothing brand creates mostly feminine clothing for a lighter living. Valani’s dreamy garments are made from low-impact fibers like hemp, Tencel, and banana viscose, a bit like Two Days Off. Additionally, the brand uses strategic cutting techniques and reuses fabric scraps to minimize waste. They have really colorful clothes that you should check out here.
  • PLEA: This is our own brand! We too offer sustainable slow fashion clothing that you can buy. We mostly focus on t shirts, hoodies, and accessories, but they’re at an affordable price, and not only that, but we offer customizable clothes, That’s right! You can create a custom t shirt, hoodie, or accessories so we can then make them and sent them to you because we use a revolutionary method that does not involve creating tons of clothes before selling them, we just produce them on command! You can check out our shop here.

To sum it up, we do have a lot of choices literally in the palm of our hands, so there is no excuse other than not having enough money to quit buying Fast Fashion. Either way, if you want to know more about what you can do for sustainable fashion even if you don’t have money, check out how to do slow fashion.

how can we tell the difference?

If you encounter any brand and you don’t know enough about their background and what business practices they stand for, we have some tips that may help you out.

Here are some tips for knowing if a brand is Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion:

  • Investigate the brand, read articles about them, and read the news to find out about their business morals and practices.
  • Look into their website, and see if they disclose how they treat their workers and if they use sustainable materials for their clothes.
  • Read customer reviews and unbiased articles that may clarify any doubts about the brand.
  • Use common sense, if the clothes the brand is offering are too cheap, they are probably outsourcing their costs onto the environment and their workers, as a fashion store has to pay a LOT of costs, like marketing, shipping, paying wages, the clothes themselves are a small piece of the brand’s costs.
How can we tell the difference between fast fashion and sustainable fashion?


We covered what Fast Fashion is, some of the most popular Fast Fashion brands, some of the best Sustainable Fashion brands, and how you can begin to change your fashion habits for the better. Having given you this valuable information, we hope you put it to best practice.

We hope you have learned a lot today, We’re thrilled to teach people around the world :). By the way, do you know about fast fashion and its terrible consequences for the environment, the people, and the economy? Do you know what Slow Fashion or the Sustainable Fashion movement is? You have to read these articles about this unknown but urgent subject, click here to read „Can Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?”, knowledge is power, ignorance is doom.

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