why is sustainable fashion finally going mainstream and is it a good thing?

what is sustainable fashion?

The Sustainable Fashion movement aims for sustainability in the fashion industry, strongly opposing Fast Fashion, a terrible business model that produces 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of global wastewaters, polluting our rivers and seas. This planet-killing business practice is also responsible for the buy-n-throw and excessive consumerism culture that pollutes our soil and waters with tons of textile waste, as 85% of all Fast Fashion garments are thrown each year.

Sustainable Fashion differs from Slow Fashion in the path it takes to achieve sustainability in the fashion industry, while Slow Fashion focuses more on clothes that are produced with slower manufacturing cycles, fair tradeand supporting smaller businesses, while also caring for the sustainability and quality of its garments, Sustainable Fashion puts a little more weight in the ecological impact of its clothes, using organic, recycled materials like organic ring-spun cotton and other environmentally-friendly biodegradable materials.

At the end of the day, all these anti-fast fashion movements want to achieve the same thing, they just differ in the path they take and on what they consider more important. For example, Ethical Fashion focuses more on the welfare of textile workers, who are exploited in the Fast Fashion industry with inhumane wages and terrible working conditions, many times reaching modern slavery.

why is sustainable fashion finally going mainstream?

You already know what Sustainable Fashion is and why we need to stop Fast Fashion. Moreover, if you have read our other articles, you may also know how forgotten this topic is, how most people don’t even know what Fast Fashion even is and how alarming this is. Well, this is starting to change, slowly but steadily, with Sustainable Fashion even making it to Mainstream Media, but, how?

Well, this is primarily because people are more aware than ever of the consequences of their actions on the planet, how we only have one, and the importance of preserving it, both for current and future generations, as well as for other types of unique lives living in this wonderful place we call Earth.

Not only that, but we are seeing somewhat of a „regression to the mean” regarding fashion, for many years fast fashion has been completely forgotten and ignored, even the most aware environmentalists did not even care or know about the fashion industry, and that’s not necessarily their fault, almost no one talked about the subject on any sort of media, so how would they even know?

Only now are we starting to see news on the consequences of Fast Fashion, the importance of Sustainable garments, and how the industry will change in the next years, something unthinkable only a few years before.

Overall, Sustainable Fashion is getting more coverage and more people are becoming informed on the subject, next we are going to discuss how this is going to influence the industry and if it’s good news for the industry or not.

Why Is Sustainable Fashion Finally Going Mainstream Media

is going mainstream good news for the sustainable fashion industry?

Is it good news that the industry is finally making it to Mainstream Media? Well, the short answer is no. Haha, just kidding, of course, it’s great news, for the industry, consumers, workers, and the entire planet! This is exactly what the industry needed to have more chances of beating Fast Fashion.

We have to say that even if it’s finally going to Mainstream Media, it is not talked about nearly as it should be, it is still s subject many people don’t know or even have heard about so there is still a long way to go for this anti-fast fashion movement. The good thing is that it is on the right path.

This is, of course, a big step towards spreading awareness and beating Fast Fashion, and it should be celebrated, as anti-fast fashion activists we all have to make our voices heard and achieve more Mainstream Media coverage, the planet is not going to save itself.

If you have read our other articles you already know that, informing yourself is the best way to beat Fast Fashion, the second-best way? Informing others, because no one is going to adopt a sustainable lifestyle if they don’t know why they should do that or what it means.

At the end of the day, this is great news not only for sustainable fashion but also for the planet, for our society, and for all the textile workers in the world who are now being exploited by the Fast Fashion industry (maybe not in the short term because Fast Fashion is still around and strong, but definitely in the long term).

what we can expect next from sustainable fashion

What’s next? You may ask, well, we can expect the Sustainable movements as a whole to finally become more relevant than they were or are now. The people that are now becoming conscious are not going back to their environmentally destructive lifestyles any time soon, and our society is going to need to adapt to that.

As we have always said, with increased awareness and demand for sustainable and ethical products, more businesses are going to invest in these industries, making their products more efficient and available to the general public, which is great. This is also happening with electric cars, only a few years ago no one wanted to buy them, then people became aware of the carbon footprint a car has, and businesses started investing in this industry, innovating and making it more efficient and accessible, and now an electric car is becoming increasingly more affordable for the general public.

The Sustainable Fashion industry is going down that path too, but the speed at which it will go will depend on the demand for sustainable garments, which, as you know, depends on the level of awareness of the general public. It is the job of the anti-fast fashion activist to inform themselves and others in order to achieve a sustainable fashion industry.

What We Can Expect From Sustainable Fashion Next


We hope you have learned how the Mainstream Media is going to affect the Sustainable Fashion industry and what the role of the anti-fast fashion activist is in this world. We highly recommend you to check out our other articles on the subject, we have a ton of them, so just sit back and enjoy.

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