are sustainable products always more expensive?

what are sustainable products?

These types of products can be defined as anything that is made with the intent of reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability, respecting the environment and the wonderful planet we live in.

They can include environmentally friendly foods, garments, or any other goods or services that care for the environment, as you may already know, here in this blog we focus on the garment aspect of the equation.

Usually, they appeal to people that are already aware of their carbon footprint and want to become more environmentally friendly, but they can also appeal to other people because of their higher quality or their durability, an example of this are organic cotton garments.

why are sustainable products more expensive?

An issue with these types of products is that they are many times more expensive than their not-so-environmentally friendly counterparts, and we are going to explain why this is the case.

The most important reason to explain why they are more expensive is that they are many times more expensive to make, for example, organic cotton requires more sophisticated methods of production than regular cotton, all of this in order to produce a much higher-quality and environmentally friendly product.

Another reason is that these products appeal to conscious consumers that can justify spending more for a good or service that can lower their carbon footprint, thus increasing the demand for said goods or services and raising the final price that the customer pays.

Overall, these are the fundamental reasons that explain the price difference between regular and sustainable products, but this doesn’t always have to be the case, as we are going to see in a moment.

Why Are Sustainable Products More Expensive

can sustainable products be cheaper?

We have seen why these goods and services that care for the environment are many times more expensive than their not-so-environmentally friendly counterparts, but this is not always the case, and this is how.

To understand this we should focus rather on substitute products rather than similar ones, what does this mean? Well, for example, organic grown plant-based products are usually substitutes and are cheaper than non-organic industrial meats. Or for example, organic cotton garments are cheaper than other branded garments, such as for example Nike or Champion.

But not only that, it could perfectly be the case that the environmentally friendly product could be cheaper than the non-environmentally friendly counterpart, because as we said the price also abides by the supply and demand principle, and it could perfectly be that said good or service is not really demanded for some reason.

The main takeaway from here is that conscious consumer products do not necessarily mean that they will be more expensive, so you should also take advantage of this when considering what to buy to reduce your carbon footprint.

are sustainable products worth the extra price?

Now that you know the price differences with these types of products, you may wonder if they are worth the extra price, well, here is our stand on this:

Yes, absolutely! As any good conscious consumer that wants to reduce their carbon footprint, it is essential to know what to buy in order to achieve that, regardless of price. And considering the terrible consequences that our past actions have had on our world, choosing to be sustainable is crucial for our survival.

Not only that, but you can also become environmentally friendly and choose to live a sustainable lifestyle without spending a lot more money, by simply choosing affordable and low carbon footprint options without needing to stretch your budget too much.

In conclusion, yes, it is worth it, not only that, it’s necessary for the survival of our species and for preserving our world. Also, you don’t necessarily have to spend more in order to become more sustainable, you just have to choose better.

Are Sustainable Products Worth The Extra Price


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