are sustainable diamonds real? sustainable jewelry

why are diamonds and other jewelry bad?

All of these pretty metals (We know that diamonds are not metals) that look great on your hands, neck, or finger, such as diamonds and other types of jewelry, can have a pretty big and terrible impact on our world, and here is exactly why:

Diamonds and other types of precious metals require mining, and in the case of the former, they require quite an extensive and resource-expensive extraction process that has a massive environmental footprint on our world. The biggest environmental problems with this mining include soil erosion, deforestation, damaging or even collapsing entire ecosystems, pollution of the earth and water…

Not only that, but the mining of these metals also comes with hideous consequences for human life, such as the use of literal slave labor, and kids, as well as using the profits from these mines in order to fund terrorism, wars, or other dreadful organizations. These are called „blood diamonds” and they are a lot more common than you may think at first.

Overall, we can say with certainty that these types of jewelry are absolutely dreadful both for the environment and for human life and dignity, but this does not have to be the case always, as we are going to show you next.

are sustainable diamonds real? what is sustainable jewelry?

We have now reviewed why diamonds and jewelry overall are incredibly harmful not only to the environment but also to our fellow human beings, but we have yet to discuss why this does not always have to be the case.

Regarding diamonds, the ethical and environmentally friendly version of them is one that has been created in a lab or one that has been recycled. It is obvious why this is an ethical product because it does not require mining and can be created with regard to the best practices that care for the environment and the people.

As for other materials, ethical jewelry uses recycled rocks in many cases but also focuses on transparency and traceability of the materials used, in order to assure that no slave labor or unethical practices were used.

Overall, you can see that ethical diamonds and ethical jewelry can exist, and are much much better than their regular counterparts, both for the environment and for our fellow human beings.

Are Sustainable Diamonds Real Sustainable Jewelry Ethical Jewelry

how is sustainable jewelry made?

Now that you know a little bit more about ethical jewelry, we will tell you a little bit more in detail about how these are made, and what exactly makes them so ethical and environmentally friendly.

Not only the materials used were produced using non-polluting and ethical practices, but also there are other things that go into these ethical jewels, like not using toxic chemicals that are many times used by the industry, or simply providing a more sustainable package together with the product.

There are many other things that determine the sustainability and ethicality of these precious rocks, but we have already mentioned the most important ones that you want to look for the next time you plan to buy a ring or necklace.

where can you buy sustainable / ethical jewelry?

You now may wonder where you can begin buying your brand new environmentally friendly and ethical necklace or ring, well, we have good news for you, it is actually very easy to find these.

You can find plenty of this ethical jewelry and ethical diamond products online, mainly on marketplaces. If you follow us on Pinterest you may already know that we ethical jewelry from other users of the platform. You could also buy these from a physical store, but it is much easier and maybe more reliable to buy these online.

That’s it, now that you have this information, go buy your boyfriend or girlfriend that ring that they were waiting for, or purchase that necklace you wanted a long time ago, all of this without having to feel guilty about supporting a terribly polluting and enslaving industry.

Where Can You Buy Sustainable Jewelry Ethical Diamonds


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