is ring-spun cotton better than regular cotton fibers?

what is ring-spun cotton?

Ring-spun cotton is made by curving and diminishing the cotton strands to make an extremely fine, solid, delicate rope of cotton, polyester, or a mix of filaments; but if it has cotton in its name you already know what it is made of. Ring-spun textures are stronger and last longer than their standard partners, yet will likewise be more expensive, as well.

It is very soft, it feels like it has been washed multiple times already. Most T-shirts depicted basically as “100 percent cotton” are produced using a more affordable, less refined open-end fabric, offering a great incentive for a fundamental tee. This fiber is smoother and more grounded.

All of these qualities merge together to create this type of fabric, and now we are going to tell you why this type of fiber is different from the regular one. Anyway, we also have a pretty good article explaining a little bit more in detail what is ring-spun cotton fabric, so check it out!

how is ring-spun cotton different from regular cotton?

This type of fabric, as we said before, is made by twisting and thinning the strands of the base product in order to create a very thin and delicate fiber, but the differences do not end there.

Because of the different manufacturing process, Ring-Spun fabrics feel heavier to the touch, and the extra efford to produce such fabric makes it more expensive than regular cotton.

Other than that, there aren’t many other differences, as both of these fabrics are made from the same base material, the only thing that changes is the way these materials are processed and manufactured.

How Is Ring-Spun Cotton Different From Regular Cotton

is ring-spun cotton a high-quality fiber?

Now that you know some of the differences, is this fabric a high-quality one? Well, to answer that question we have to name a few other characteristics that we didn’t name before, such as:

  • It is a more breathable fabric, because of the way the strands are twisted and thinned, making the final garment a lot more breathable and soft.
  • It is more durable and lasts longer, which is a great thing for any garment, especially when we are talking about Sustainable Fashion and sustainability in the industry.
  • It just feels more comfortable overall, the way the fibers are made can provide a wonderful experience with any garment using them, which is also very important when considering clothing choices.

Now that you know the qualities that make Ring-spun cotton a high-quality fabric, we will discuss if it is any better than its regular cotton counterpart, and if it’s worth the extra price.

is ring-spun cotton better than regular cotton?

It depends on what you are searching for, for example, if you are searching for a durable, high-quality, soft fabric then Ring-spun is the choice for you.

However, if you are searching for a simple, cheaper garment then regular cotton is the choice for you, obviously, but are you really searching for a garment like this?

The takeaway is that Ring-Spun cotton is better than regular cotton, and it is worth the extra price, which you get back with the longer-lasting garment that you are buying. However, the cheaper regular cotton fabric makes it so that this one is one of the most common  ones to be used on t-shirts and other garments.

Is Ring-Spun Cotton Better Than Regular Cotton


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