why is organic cotton that much more expensive than regular cotton?

what exactly is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a type of plant fabric that has been grown with sustainability in mind, using more sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods, as well as saving fundamental resources like water in the process.

This type of fabric is made without hurtful synthetic substances and polluting production methods, drastically reducing its carbon footprint, and saving our world from dangerous chemicals that are sometimes used in its production process.

It produces on average 46% less CO2 compared to regular cotton, plus, it uses a lot less water and other resources, with more sophisticated and efficient irrigation techniques that make the most out of every single drop of water.

Overall, this organic version is just like the regular one, except it uses much fewer resources and it takes sustainability into account during the whole process of production.

why is organic cotton more expensive than the regular one?

The main reasons are the growing and manufacturing processes involved with the production and commercialization of this fabric, because of the emphasis on sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices that are associated with this organic fabric.

Things like rotating crops to help the soil and nutrients recover instead of exploiting the same parcel over and over, using much more sophisticated irrigation techniques that avoid water waste, picking the cotton by hand rather than by a machine, and preserving its fibers without damaging them…

In more general terms, the reason for the increased price is due to the use of manual work instead of machinery and growing and manufacturing techniques that are more sophisticated, with the objective of producing a more sustainable and high-quality fabric with respect for the environment.

Why Is Organic Cotton More Expensive Than Regular Cotton

is organic cotton a higher quality fabric?

As we have seen before, this type of organic fiber is made with more care not only for the environment but for the material per se, preserving its long fibers and its softness that will have a clear effect on the final product.

Not only that, but by avoiding the usage of pesticides and other potentially dangerous chemicals in the production process, the end result will be a much cleaner and high-quality fabric that will not have any adverse effects on your skin or the environment.

So yes, organic cotton is a higher quality fabric that will improve the experience you have with the garments you purchase, not only taking into account the environmental part of the equation but also the quality and feel of the fabric in itself.

is organic cotton worth the price?

Not that you know why it is more expensive and how it is of higher quality than other fabrics, the question arises if it is worth the extra price or not. Well, here is our answer:

Yes, it is worth the extra price, mainly because of two things: The environmental impact, by choosing an organic fabric you are choosing to lower your carbon footprint, which is essential in this day and age and considering the enormous harm we have done to this earth. And the higher quality that you get with this organic fabric, which you and your skin will appreciate over the long term.

These are the main reasons why organic cotton is worth the price, but there are many more. We have another article on this subject that you should check out, so be sure to also read How is Organic Cotton different from Regular Cotton.

Is Organic Cotton Worth The Price


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