when were hoodies invented?

when were hoodies invented?

Although the first hoodie invented can be traced back to the medieval era, worn by monks, modern-day hoodies are much more recent.

Who invented the hoodie as we know it? Apparently, it wasn’t until 1930 that the clothing company Champion made the first hooded sweatshirt. they were first made so that workers could keep warm in the winter in New York, but they also supplied sweatshirts to the US military.

Even if the hoodie was commonly worn, it didn’t get its name until the 90s, they were just called hooded sweatshirts before then. Today, hoodies remain a very popular choice, especially among young people. Although it is sometimes associated with criminal and rebellious activities, as it is used to hide someone’s identity while committing a crime.

why were hoodies invented?

As we said before, hoodies were first intended to help the user feel warm and protect their neck and head from the cold, which are crucial parts that lose the most heat in the human body.

But also, there is something wrong with normal sweatshirts, they feel like just heavier t-shirts rather than a comfortable item of clothing that keeps you warm like the hoodie.

Normal sweatshirts have always lacked the hoodie part, you feel like something is missing, that something is wrong. That’s why the hoodie was invented, it was just a matter of time until someone realized how to fill that existential voidness the sweatshirt created.

Why were hoodies invented

when did hoodies become popular?

Hoodies became popular in the 70s because of many factors, Hip Hop culture was created in New York City close to this time and high fashion additionally took off during this period, as Norma Kamali and other high-profile clothing designers embraced and glamorized the new clothing item.

Hoodies also became very popular among young people, especially rebellious teenagers, because of the symbology behind this item of clothing, which was seen as the thing cool and popular teens wear.

That’s because breakdancers, rappers, skaters, graffiti artists… were all wearing hoodies, it became part of their identity. We can still see a clear example of this today, the mobile game Subway Surfers, where the little kid wearing a hoodie tries to escape the policeman after illegally painting graffitis on the wall.

are hoodies still popular?

Absolutely! Hoodies are one of the favorite items of choice for both men and women, given that it is so comfortable, even without using the hood. As we said before, hoodies are so comfortable because they fill the existential dread of unhooded sweatshirts.

Even if the hood is not used, it gives a great sense of security having it, in such a way that not having the hood almost feels like you are naked. The hood is to the sweatshirt as the concealed weapon is to Detroit, putting it in simple terms.

Today, even people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds use this magnificent invention, although it is still seen as informal and it is not used for any formal situation at all, so it remains just a very comfortable item of clothing that it’s worn in the streets and informal activities.

Are hoodies still popular


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