Which is the best color for a t-shirt?

are t-shirts fashionable?

Absolutely! T-shirts have been a primordial item in the closets of practically everyone since the 20th century, so much that we cannot even comprehend what we would wear today if we didn’t have t-shirts.

T-shirts are also one of the most customized clothing items to exist, as practically every t-shirt has some sort of design to decorate it. So much so that plain t-shirts are a lot less common than t-shirts with some sort of decoration.

So, yes, t-shirts can be very fashionable if you pick them correctly, and they are the clothing item that best expresses your identity, that’s why t-shirts are the top choice for customizable clothes. 

which is the best color for a t-shirt?

There are many combinations that fit a t-shirt and complement you well, but there are also colors that generally work much better than others. But this can vary depending on what type of t-shirt you are wearing and even you yourself.

Fun fact, some researchers at Nottingham Trent University have found that men that wear plain white are found 12% more attractive than their other male counterparts, this is because plain white t-shirts slim the waist and broaden the shoulders.

Having said this, let’s review the best color combinations for a t-shirt (although this is subjective and you may not 100% agree). The best color combinations for a t-shirt are:

  • Red and White
  • Blue and White
  • Dark and Light Blue
  • Blue and Yellow (Without overusing it)
  • Red, White, and Blue
  • Yellow and White
  • Black and White (A very elegant choice)
  • Orange and Blue

Now, if we’re looking at plain colors, the best plain colors for a t-shirt are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Navy (A very pretty color if used correctly)
  • Grey
  • Red (The color of love, this is the most attractive color and should be used at a date)
Which color is best for a t-shirt?

are t-shirts formal?

As we said earlier, everyone uses t-shirts, almost every time. A clear proof of this is that we even use t-shirts as pajamas, so we truly use them every single day no matter what.

However, t-shirts may not always be appropriate depending on the situation you are in. This clothing item can be used in almost any context but when it comes to formality, it may not be the best option as it may seem too casual to be worn.

A buttoned shirt is always preferred in a formal context, but if you want to wear a t-shirt no matter what, here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t wear a collarless t-shirt to any formal or semi-formal event.
  • Wear a polo or any other item that resembles a t-shirt but has better quality and adapts to a more formal context.
  • Wear dark colors like Navy Blue (a great choice for any clothes).
  • Adapt your other clothes to your t-shirt, if you wear a t-shirt or a polo wear pants, shoes and a jacket at the same level of formality.

are t-shirts unisex?

Unisex t-shirts are made to be worn by both men and women, and they are usually the most popular as they are just as good as men’s and women’s t-shirts, but in very rare cases they can cause problems.

Unisex t-shirts are based on men’s sizes, but as we said earlier they are made to fit both men and women, so you don’t need to worry about that. What you need to worry about is if your body doesn’t conform to the universal size standards, in which case you will need to be careful when choosing sizes.

Generally, you will be just fine buying unisex t-shirts, as the majority of people do that. Buying women’s t-shirts can be a good idea if you want a more fitted t-shirt that gives you more curves and form. If you’re a man there’s really no point in buying men’s t-shirts, when they may even be more expensive (although there can be cases where a men’s t-shirt is preferred, this is extremely rare).

Are t-shirts unisex?


In conclusion, we have shown you if t-shirts are fashionable, what the best color to wear is, if they can be worn at a formal event and if they are really unisex. We hope this information has been of great value, and if you want to know more about another very popular clothing item, check out our article about hoodies, you will surely like it.

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