is fast fashion on the decline? when will it end?

what is fast fashion?

Fast-Fashion can be referred to as a business model that quickly turns trends into clothes using very short manufacturing cycles with no regard to the environment, the people, and the society.

We have to say, there is no „fast fashion book”, and this terrible practice comes in many shapes and forms, but they all have many things in common and that’s why they are all gathered around this term.

This is done with the intent to get the freshest styles into the market that will keep customers buying more and more while tragically disposing of the clothes they do not use, clothes that usually do not last a lot of time because of their low-quality materials.

This business practice has a lot of terrible consequences that we will talk about later, but if you want to dig deeper into this feel free to read is fast fashion a social issue?.

is fast fashion on the decline?

With the increased awareness the customers have about their actions and the consequences they have on our world and the workers producing the garments they wear, more people are keeping away from buying Fast Fashion garments.

According to an article written by Retail Dive, Fast Fashion retailers could face declines in revenue of 10% to 30% over the next 10 years because of this, which is good news for our planet, but not as good as it should be in order to save the planet.

Even if customers are becoming aware, this is not happening at the pace it should be happening in order to make a meaningful change on our planet. Of course, this is great news nevertheless, but we still have a lot to go through in order to achieve a sustainable fashion industry that respects the environment and the textile workers worldwide.

This is why we are still making articles trying to inform as many people as possible, the consequences of Fast Fashion are still mostly unknown by most people, which is alarming knowing the great transcendence of the industry on our planet.

Overall, we’re happy to announce that Fast Fashion is on the decline and that customers are beginning to change their habits for the better, but there is still somewhat of a long journey to achieve the sustainable fashion industry the world needs, it is comforting nevertheless to see that our combined efforts are finally doing something.

Is Fast Fashion Really On The Decline

the rise of slow, sustainable, and ethical fashion

With the decline of Fast Fashion we can also talk about the rise of the Slow, Sustainable, and Ethical Fashion movements that have been completely forgotten since their beginning, sadly.

As we said before, many customers are beginning to become aware of the consequences of their choices on our world, and are changing their habits for the better, ditching the planet-killing Fast Fashion and turning to sustainable options like Slow Fashion.

As a consequence, many businesses are starting to invest in a sustainable fashion production model to offer for their conscious customers, offering many more options and making sustainable garments more available to the general public.

However, there are also big Fast Fashion corporations that want to get on the train without paying the ticket, greenwashing their activities by saying that „they are doing or will do someday something to become sustainable” but don’t do anything at all to prove it, yes, we’re looking at you, Zara.

Overall, this is good news for the sustainable fashion industry too, as they are starting to get the attention they deserve, but as we said before, they are still forgotten and left to the side too much, and that is something we need to change as conscious consumers.

future prospects of the fashion industry

Taking all of this in mind, we can predict somewhat how the fashion industry is going to be over the next years, although future predictions are always flawed and every little unexpected event can radically change the course of history. Having said this, here are our future prospects for the fashion industry worldwide.

If as anti-fast fashion activists we do our job right, spreading awareness and not letting sustainable fashion be forgotten, more customers are going to change their consumer habits in order to improve their environmental impact on this planet, this is already happening with electric cars and other industries, the fashion industry is behind them in this aspect for some reason.

Because of this, Slow Fashion is going to become a real player in the industry, with all the environmental and social benefits this supposes. And only then it will be able to compete with Fast Fashion in all aspects, even in affordability.

These, however, are somewhat crazy predictions that extend way into the future, and as we said before nothing guarantees this will happen. We like, however, to stay optimistic and we don’t want to think of a future when the world will be irreversibly damaged because of an unsustainable fashion model.

Overall, everything can happen, but we would rather not think like Murphy, we like to stay optimistic, that’s the best way one can stay confident while trying to change the world for the better, we think you should try to do that too.

Future Prospects Of The Fashion Industry


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